Tofu Scramble

This is the basic foundation for all scrambles. You can add any other spices, veggies, etc. to make it your desired style. My favorites are Mexican and Greek.

Serves: 8-10


  • 1 large (really big) block of super firm tofu (Wildwood brand is great)
  • 1 cup nutritional yeast (looks like fish flakes)
  • 2 tablespoons smoked salt (this helps add more egg flavor)


  • 1 large mixing bowl
  • Wooden spoon
  • Measuring tools


  1. Squeeze out the extra moisture from the tofu. You can also wrap it in a dish towel and squeeze or push on it gently and the moisture will be absorbed by the towel. I recommend Wildwood because there’s not a lot of water in it, so you don’t have to go through so much squeezing and draining.
  2. Break up the big ol’ block of tofu into the mixing bowl.
  3. Sprinkle the nutritional yeast and salt over the top and mix thoroughly.
  4. Let the mixture sit as long as you’re able. Overnight is best.
  5. If you’d like your scramble plain, you can go ahead and drizzle some olive oil in a large saute pan, put it over medium heat and basically heat your scramble through. Serve and enjoy.
  6. If you want to add fun stuff, now’s the time.
  7. Saute your other ingredients and then add in the tofu mixture. Once everything is nicely heated through, serve and enjoy.

Bahn Mi Sandos

This phenomenal recipe is courtesy of Love & Lemons

Recipe type: main dish
Serves: 3-4 sandwiches
  • 1 14oz. pkg. extra firm tofu (see notes)
  • olive oil, for the pan
  • fresh baguette, sliced into sandwich sized portions
  • good quality mayo, or vegan mayo
  • a few sprigs of cilantro per sandwich
  • sriracha, to taste
Pickled Veggies:
  • 1 small daikon sliced into matchsticks
  • 2 small carrots, sliced into matchsticks
  • ½ a small cucumber, de-seeded & sliced into matchsticks
  • ½ jalapeño, thinly sliced
  • ¼ (or more) cup white wine vinegar
  • ¼ (or more) cup rice vinegar
  • a few pinches of sugar
  • a few pinches of salt
Tofu Marinade:
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons tamari (or soy sauce)
  • juice of ½ lime + a little zest
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • ½ teaspoon minced ginger
  • generous amounts of freshly cracked pepper
  1. Make ahead (for reals, try to marinate the tofu and pickles a day ahead): Place thinly sliced daikon, carrots, cucumbers, and jalapeños in a medium jar with white wine vinegar, rice vinegar, sugar and salt. If the liquids don’t cover the veggies, add about 2 tablespoons of water and more vinegar if necessary (the amount you need will depend on the size of your jar). Let chill for at least an hour, or store in the fridge for at least a week.
  2. Drain tofu, slice it into approx. ½ inch slices. Place on a towel and gently pat dry to remove excess water.
  3. In a small bowl, whisk together olive oil, tamari, lime, zest, garlic, ginger, and freshly cracked pepper.
  4. Place tofu in a shallow pan and pour the marinade on top. Flip the tofu so that it coats (if it doesn’t coat fully in your pan, add a bit more tamari until all tofu is coated). Let the tofu marinate for at least 15 minutes.
  5. Heat a nonstick skillet to medium-high heat. Add a little oil to the pan and place tofu pieces with enough space between each so that they’re not too crowded (you can cook them in batches). Let the tofu cook (without moving it around too much) for a few minutes per side until they’re deeply golden brown and caramelized (almost blackened) around the edges. Remove from heat. Taste a little piece and add more salt & pepper if necessary.
  6. Assemble sandwiches with mayo, tofu slices, pickled veggies, cilantro and serve with sriracha.

For seared tofu, use extra firm. Everything else is generally too watery.

For the pickled veggies: if you can’t find daikon, just skip it. And if you’re sensitive to spice, go light on the jalapeños.

Other ideas: add sautéed shiitake mushrooms or slices of avocado. – Yo, this is a MUST, not a suggestion. I also vote for toasting your rolls before schmearing with mayo.