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Episode 21 – NAGLREP

Sam Olson, of RE/MAX Realty Affiliates, serves on the Leadership Advisory Committee of NAGLREP Northern Nevada, for the National Association of Gay & Lesbian Real Estate Professionals, which is a non-profit organization seeking to enhance fair and equal housing for the the LGBTQ community.

In this conversation we talk about the value of associations that focus on a specific group and how they work to enhance protections and access to homeownership for them, and also how they can add value to the real estate professionals serving that community.

If you have questions for Sam, or want get more involved in NAGLREP, he can be reached at 775-787-3629 or

Episode 20 – Risk Reduction

I sat down with attorney, Courtney Forster of Gunderson Law Firm, to tackle common pitfalls in the real estate industry that get agents into trouble. The short version: communicate! Oh, and write intelligible contract language. That always helps.

Episode 19 – Productivity Challenge (week 4) – Face Time!











OK folks, we made it! This week it’s time to get up close and personal with your sphere, database and current clients. Schedule as many in-person appointments as you can and not just meetings but coffee dates, lunch, even dinner or drinks.

Take this time to really connect with your people to build and strengthen your client relationships.

Episode 18 – Productivity Challenge (week 3) – Kick It Old School












This week it’s time to hop into the Wayback Machine and send out five handwritten notes a day, every day this week, to your sphere, current clients and/or leads. The goal is to touch five new people a day. Sending a card to someone you called last week is extra credit!

Episode 17 – Productivity Challenge (week 2) – Conquering the Phone








This week your challenge is to call 5 people a day, every day, from your sphere, database and/or current clients. Listen to the episode for a list of reasons to call your database, if you’re having any hesitation about picking up the phone. Often times when we have a reason to call, it makes things a lot easier and organic.

Post a photo of yourself making calls on my Facebook page with #teleboss. Can’t wait to see you in action!

Episode 16 – Productivity Challenge (week 1) – Laying the Foundation



January is Challenge Month! Use the challenges each week to create, or recommit to, good habits that build your business and keep you on the path to success. It’s always about the basics and sticking to them. This week is an opportunity to get your schedule and foundation fine tuned to support your dollar-productive activities.

Once you have a structure in place that works for you, stick to it all year to ensure you’re always focused on what brings you business.

Episode 15 – Picking a Theme for 2019

Instead of making a New Year’s resolution (who keeps thoughts anyway?), try picking a theme for the year. The idea is to have an overarching theme to align yourself and your actions with all year, in place of trying to stick with one goal or idea (i.e. ‘healthy choices’ verses lose 10 pounds).

My theme for 2019 is ‘action’. I’m going to make a little sign to keep in front of me as a reminder to take action, be in action, generally stay moving throughout the year and act on opportunities when they arise. Even if a hit a slump, it’s a reminder to do something, however small.

Episode 14 – Christmas Eve Stories and More

My big sister joined me in the studio to share some of our favorite holiday memories, great movie recommendations, listener stories and more. Get your bingo cards here: Hallmark Holiday Movie Bingo! Wishing you a very merry Christmas!

Episode 13 – Goal Setting and Strategic Planning




In this conversation with Amy Lessinger, broker/owner of RE/MAX Realty Affiliates, we cover a lot of juicy stuff on the topic of setting goals and creating a strategic plan for hitting those goals. This is coming at you in time to chew on time and leverage the info in your own planning for 2019 to make it a fantastic year.

Amy recommended a book and app in our conversation: Dave Ramey’s “Total Money Makeover” and Alarmed.

Episode 12 – Job v. Business









Do you have a job or a business? Take some time to think about your current business model and if that is setting you up for success to achieve your long-term business goals. Also, make sure you have structures, systems and people in place to keep you at your highest and best use, or activity most enjoyed.

Episode 11 – 2018 Recap







I chatted with Charlene Sigala (aka my mom) from Coldwell Residential Brokerage, in Tucscon, AZ, and Dan Ridley from Your Town Realty in Pittsburgh, PA to get their recap of 2018 in real estate. We also talk about what trends we see forming now that may carry into 2019.

How was your 2019? Reach out here on the website, Facebook or send me an email at

Episode 10 – Economic Outlook for 2019

Bob Barone has an impressive resume and I am so grateful he took the time to chat with me about the economy and what may be coming down the pike in 2019. We’ve already seen the changes in the real estate market and that same correction may have larger implications for the overall economy.

Episode 9 – Taxes!










The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 brought a lot of changes to both homeowners and real estate professionals. In this conversation with CPA, Reid Riker, we go through the major points to be aware of so you and your clients can be properly prepared to roll with the new IRS changes. Plus, Reid is a huge Star Trek fan and the most outgoing CPA ever. Reid Ricker:, 775-825-6008.

Episode 8 – Real Estate Abroad






Elizabeth Watson is an experienced agent from Nevada who ended up relocating to Amsterdam when her husband received a job offer he couldn’t refuse. In this episode, we talk about what it’s like to move to another country, navigate the real estate industry and create a new business from scratch; all while not speaking the native language. If you’d like to reach out to Elizabeth she can be reached via email at:

Episode 7 – Coaching

Kimberley Elliot is a leadership coach with 15 years of experience in the field. Our conversation goes beyond typical business/real estate coaching and into the transformative capabilities of Co-Active Coaching. To contact Kimberley for more info:, 916-340-4151.

Episode 6 – Managing Conflict

We all deal with conflict in business and in life. To be more successful in both arenas, you’re better off to figure out how to manage conflict successfully and professionally. No points for being a bully to get your way or to shut down the other side. Lots of points for being direct, considerate and communicative.

Episode 5 – Fall Client Outreach

It’s time to get out there and connect/reconnect with your clients, thank them for their business and ask for referrals. In this episode I share a bunch of ideas to inspire you and get you in gear.

Remember to use #gladforfall when posting on Facebook with your holiday videos and messages. I love to see what you’re up to!

Episode 4 – Work-Life Balance


How do you manage work-life harmony in a 24/7 industry? It’s so important to ensure you’re always on top of your game. Letting off steam and getting away should be a priority, so you can be your best.

Episode 3 – How to Pick a Broker

Not all brokers are the same. Are you aligned with one that not only supports your business goals but has the tools, training and direct coaching to help you achieve those goals?

Episode 2 – Be Deal Putter Togetherer

Have you ever dealt with an agent who really didn’t seem to have the gusto or interest in putting a deal together and just let things die? Have you been that agent? In this episode we talk about what it means to be a “deal putter togetherer” and how to deal with someone who’s not being one.

Episode 1 – Silver Bullets

In this episode I talk about the realities of lead generation services; what you should look out for when considering buying into a system and what you’re still on the hook for no matter what when it comes to lead generation.

Episode 0 – The Origin Story:





Here’s where you get to know a little bit about me, why I started the show and what it’s about.