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Episode 90 – Parallel Universe with George McGehrin

George McGehrin, founder of The McGehrin Group, a talent acquisition firm, was inspired to start his life as an entrepreneur literally while standing in the unemployment line. He takes a human approach to his industry and isn’t blinded by all the tech out there. Get a new take on the recruiting industry in this conversation.

Episode 89 – Parallel Universe with Alex Ellison

Alex Ellison is an amazing human being and extraordinary college consultant. She takes a fresh approach to college planning that takes the stress and mystery out of what is usually an overwhelming process. Have kids headed toward college? You better call Alex ASAP! or at least pick up a copy of her fabulous book.

Episode 88 – Holiday Silliness 2020

I love the holidays because it means Hallmark Holiday Movie Bingo and having trivial conversations with friends. Happy Merry All The Things. May 2021 not suck.

Bryce’s favorite COVID meme:

The long discussed coffin nails…

because you were dying to know what they look like

Episode 87 – Serial Entrepreneur (and hip-hop star) Tom Libelt

Tom Libelt has a fascinating past and history that lead him into the entrepreneurial realm. Who has a hobby for hip-hop and then turns it into a successful recording career? Tom! Who can create a marketing empire for course creators? Tom!

Episode 86 – Commercial Construction w/Ryan Novacek of ACCO Integrated Systems

Commercial construction is booming, despite the pandemic. To put that into perspective, I chatted with Ryan Novacek of ACCO Integrated Systems to see what’s up in that sphere right now and how business is being done differently.

Episode 85 – Self-Directed IRAs with Jason DeBono of NuView Trust

Investing can be a complicated and yet fruitful endeavor. Self-directed IRAs are an under-leveraged tool that have flexible uses, especially for self-employed folks. VP of Nu View Trust, Jason DeBono, gives a great education on this unique investment option.

Episode 84 – The Economic Impact of COVID-19 w/Economist Bob Barone

The pandemic has had sorts of consequences on the society at large and we are still seeing those consequences emerge each week.

I sat down with (via the power of technology) with my favorite economist, Bob Barone, to talk through the consequences we’ve seen to date and what may be coming.

Episode 83 – Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with Colleen Camenisch

Mindfulness has come into the mainstream over the last many years and it is a powerful tool. Stress has both physical and psychological effects on all of us, leaving many feeling overwhelmed and defeated, even sick.

Having a simple mindfulness or meditative practice can help you deal with the chaos of life with peace and ease. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Colleen has been a mindfulness teacher and practitioner for over a decade and her business is dedicated to bringing practical mindfulness tools to others. It’s amazing what a little quiet focus can do for your health and well-being.

Episode 82 – Stress-Free Remodeling with Emma Auriemma-McKay

Remodeling versus Renovating, which is more complex and involved? Survey says – Remodeling! Renovating is the simple cosmetic fixes that update/upgrade a space. Remodeling is the detailed project, often involving moving walls and such, which can be a nightmare.

Enter Emma. She has create a unique business that offers true hand-holding through the remodel process. It allows the owner to feel truly informed and empowered through their remodel and make the whole experience a lot smoother and more pleasant; dare I say, stress-free.

Episode 81 – PM Series (part 3) Risk Reduction with Jan McKenzie

Note: this episode was recorded pre-COVID, so we don’t cover the risks this crisis poses to the property management world.

Real estate is full of risk and property management adds a crazy layer on top of all that. Being really clear on what the risks are will help you create a solid business, stay out of trouble, and have a lot of ease and confidence in your practice.

Be one with the rules!

Episode 80 – R4 Recap with Jesse Morales

I wasn’t at R4 this year, so I chatted with my colleague, Jesse Morales, to get his thoughts on how the event was compared to last year and what key takeaways he’ll be implementing in his business.

We recorded our session on Facebook Live, so feel free to scroll back in the feed to check out our conversation in action.

Episode 79 – BONUS EPISODE! Nagging Task Follow-Up w/ Tova McGilvray

Tova and I reviewed some nagging tasks we wanted to get done within the first 90 days of 2020, and we met back up in the studio (recorded back when that was acceptable) to check in on how we both did. Who knew getting “set it and forget it” underwear would be such a struggle?

Episode 78 – PM Series (part 2) – Business Models with Jan Mckenzie

Part two of this year’s property management series tackles business models. There is a lot to choose from and considering all your options is critical when building a successful and manageable business practice.

Episode 77 – WELL Certified Building with architect Erik Fong

WELL Certified is the newest addition to the LEED and Green Certified family. It goes beyond sustainable building practices and considers the occupants in the building design. More natural light, better air quality, access to gardens and green spaces, community gathering, access to wellness such as yoga and meditation classes within the building’s gym, etc.

I chatted with Erik Fong, architect with MBA Architecture and Interior Design all about this newcomers to the green building space.

Episode 76 – American Escrow Association with Randi Bennett

I never knew the escrow world had its own association. Turns out I shouldn’t feel too bad since it only exists in about a dozen member states, even after 40 years. The mission is fantastic but it seems to be dwindling.

I chatted with seasoned escrow officer, and past AEA member, Randi Bennett from First Centennial Title all about it.

Episode 75 – Action Item Series (part 4) – Be Kind

Our world is already a global society and it gets more so every year. With diversity being part of nearly every community in the country, it’s super important to be sure you’re treating every with the same respect and professionalism.

Being inclusive is not only the right thing to do, it’s also a way to protect the longevity of your business. What can you do to create a space that is welcoming to all? What organizations could you join to emphasize your inclusive values?

Also, be kind to yourself. What practice can you include on a regular basis that help you stay fresh, focused and energized?

Episode 74 – Action Item Series (part 3) – Focus

It’s all to easy to get distracted by silly things and then find yourself buried with undone tasks by week’s end. What’s more important, keeping up with the Jones’s on social media or crushing all your vital tasks for the week? Obvi, it’s staying focused on what matters and brings real results to your life and business.

It’s all too common to find anything else to do when we are confronted with a boring or unpleasant task. The kicker always being that the longer you put off something like that, the more stress it brings over time. So, why not just get focused on what matters, get it done, and enjoy the freedom and peace of mind it brings you?

Episode 73 – Action Item Series (part 2) – Action

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. In the more positive perspective of that expression, it comes down to the results you want in your life and really getting who is responsible for that. Spoiler alert: it’s you.

This week is all about identifying areas of your business and your life that need immediate attention to get on a healthy track, and then creating some baby steps and taking those steps, EVERY DAY, to achieve your desired results.

Be sure to celebrate the small stuff. It’s the consistent accumulation of good/productive habits/actions that build up to create something amazing. On the other side, don’t beat yourself if you slip. It happens, you’re human. Allow room for error, just remember to recommit in the moment and make a better choice at the next opportunity.

Eating well is a great example; don’t tell yourself you’ll do better tomorrow. Do better the next time you eat something.

Good luck this week and keep me posted on what you’re going to take action on.

Episode 72 – Action Item Series (part 1) – Self-Care

This month (February 2020) I am bringing you a toolkit series about action items to shape your year. First up is: take care of yourself, so you can take care of others. The stress of wanting to please everyone and be available for clients can crush us energetically and then we let everyone down.

To help avoid that crash and burn scenario, take time this week to build structures that recharge your batteries, and make sure to keep those things in your life regularly, so you’re always getting a dose of good stuff.

Consider if you’re in introvert or extrovert. Do you best recharge in groups or by yourself? Consider a hobby. When you have free time on a weekend, what do you most want to do with that time?

This exercise is a great foundation to creating a lasting career in just about anything, so take the time to get something built now, that can carry you through the decades.

Episode 71 – Property Management Series (part 1) – The Basics

This is the first part in an 11-part series dedicated to the wild world of property management. It’s such a huge topic, I’m chopping it down into little bite-sized pieces for your consumption. Joining me each month is Jan Mckenzie of the Mckenzie-Ross Team, who is a resident property management guru. All hail.

Episode 70 – Brexit with Professor Dennis Dworkin

Brexit has been in the news forever but most folks only know the headlines. What’s the deal with Brexit anyway? What’s the larger context and implications of Britain leaving the European Union?

I sat down with Dennis Dworkin, PhD. to sort through all the confusion. I hope you find this conversational as enjoyable and informative as I did.

Episode 69 – Mental Health & Burnout Series, part 2 – Amy Lessinger

To bring the mental health conversation to the business world, I chatted with broker, Amy Lessinger, about what burnout looked like for her, how she recovered from it and what others can learn from her experience.

Talking openly about something as seemingly simple as burnout can help erase the stigma of mental health and bring about conversations on healthy work habits and how to thrive in your business and life.

Episode 68 – Mental Health & Burnout Series, part 1 – Gary Gilberg

Mental health and burnout are real dangers for those in high-stress environments. Not addressing the side effects of such stress and pressure can be disastrous. To help you start out your year right, I’m bringing you a two-part series all about mental health and burnout. First up is a conversation with Gary Gilberg about mental health, in general, to set the stage for the overall series.

He shares his struggle with depression, what the signs are, and what you can do to avoid depression or get yourself out of it, and also how to support a friend of loved one who may be struggling.

The more we openly talk about mental health, the more folks will take it seriously and take care of themselves. Wishing you a healthy and prosperous 2020.

Episode 67 – Holiday Bantersode! 

The show is off the rails again for another fun, all off-topic episode! To give y’all something lighthearted to relax to over New Year’s week, I brought my BFF and hubbie into the studio to chat about all things holiday. I even made my own sound effects. They are pretty epic. Producer Chris even chimed in during the second half. T’was a good time.

Episode 66 – Tax Prep with Reid Riker, CPA

In the midst of all the holiday cheer, it’s already time to consider your tax organization for ye ole filing season. CPA Reid Riker, is back from Evans Nelson and Co. CPAs ( to share some helpful tips and insights to ensure you’re not only ready for filing, but also better prepared for next year too.

Episode 65 – LORG

LORG logo

The League of Real Estate Geeks (formally League of Realtors Geeks, hence no “E”), is a group in Canada made up of successful real estate professionals who also have geekdom in common.

They commune through a price Facebook group to share their geeky passions as well as support each other in their business practices.

This conversation covers everything from business goals and market health to lessons learned through superheros.

Episode 64 – 2020 Themes, Setting Goals, Crushing Nagging Tasks

Let’s kick off the New Year with a new theme. Also, reflect on how your 2019 theme panned out and what you can choose for next year to move one “big boulder” in your life. Write down your personal and professional goals for the year. How does your theme impact those goals?

It may seem like a small tasks, but I’d love for you to pick one nagging task to tackle within the first 90 days of 2020. Personally, I have a nagging task that has been on my list since 2018. ACK!!

I review all this with my bff, Tova McGilvray, in the studio. Such a fun time!

Reminder that I love to hear from listeners! Please reach out and let me know what you chose for your 2020 theme, goals and nagging task. I look forward to following up with everyone!

sode 63 – The Dual Agency Debacle with Courtney Forster

Dual agency is illegal in 8 states in the US. Some agents avoid is regardless and others thrive on it. Ethics dictates it to be a tricky ground and it seems buyers, at least, get the short end of the stick in a dual agency situation. I chat with real estate attorney, Courtney Forster, about the slippery slope of an agent representing both the buyer and seller in a real estate transaction.

Episode 62 – Professional Attire with Stylist, Isha Casagrande

Although we shouldn’t, we judge folks by how they dress. When you show up to an appointment, what do your clothes say about you as a professional? I chatted with stylist, Isha Casagrande, about all things professional attire and also tackle some listener questions.

Episode 61 – Title & Escrow Horror Stories

We all have horror stories about past deals. The value in sharing those is to help someone else avoid said horror. In this episode I chat with two seasoned title and escrow professionals about some of the crazy things they have seen and how to avoid those issues yourself.

Don’t know how to read a preliminary title report/title commitment? Ask for help!

Please share some of your stories that would like featured in a future episode.

Episode 60 – Economic Update & Recap with Bob Barone – Plus Parallel Universe

Bob Barone has a unique insight into the economy and saw the looming signs of a recession a full 6 months ahead of mainstream media. He’s back with a recap of 2019 and a peak into 2020.

I also had a chance to do a bit of a Parallel Universe episode with him, which was a ton of fun.

Episode 59 – Digital Marketing with Lora Tucker-Kaasch

Lora co-owns Agent Operations, a marketing firm focused on real estate. She chatted with me about all things digital marketing and offers some great tips about how to elevate your digital marketing game.

Want that content calendar she mentions? Drop me a line and I’ll get it to you.

Episode 58 – Designed Your Fall, Explore Your City, Get Creative with Your Marketing

If your market cools off in the fall and winter, don’t freak out. Use the time to your advantage. Design your fall by researching all the fun things you want to do and get them into your calendar STAT! Explore events you have never attended. Invite clients to go with you. Share on social media to show how active you are.

Also, plan out some creative marketing to keep you at top of mind through the “slow season” (if you have one) and get those seeds planted so you can have an abundant spring. Some folks need to make a strategic move on real estate before the end of the year for tax purposes. Target a mailing or digital campaign to reach those folks and shake some deals from the trees.

Episode 57 – Downtown Reno Partnership with Alex Stettinski

Business Improvement Districts exist all over the country, primarily in urban areas, and they help to support the optimal functioning of select neighborhoods or areas with that larger city. Reno now has one operating in force, called the Downtown Reno Partnership, lead by Executive Director Alex Stettinski.

In this conversation I speak with Alex about his history, the development of a BID, the successes and future goals of the Downtown Reno Partnership and more.

Episode 56 – Urban Sustainable Development & Beyond with Lynzee Lai

I’ve been having lots of fun conversations in the realm of urban development. I’m excited to have an episode that focuses on the sustainable realm of development and building. Lots of cool new building techniques in this episode and also good questions to consider when planning a sustainable project. Don’t cancel out the green impact of a sustainable building by ripping out tons of natural landscaping or building it far away from public transportation or city center!

Episode 55 – The Safety Talk with Sgt. Jason Woodard

The first year I was in real estate, our broker announced the murder of an agent in Canada, who had received a sign call from a prospective buyer who wanted to see the home. She proceeded with the process, as we all do, made the appointment and showed up to show her listing, not expecting to be attacked.

Sadly, attacks on real estate agents are all too common, especially for female agents. Thankfully technology has advanced to bring more security products to market. It’s also important to have solid safety procedure within your team or office.

It’s also handy to have good resources to give clients regarding safety for neighborhoods. In Nevada, we can’t speak to the safety of a given area, the buyer has to research that for themselves. I put extra resources in the podcast show notes (check the episode in your feed) for agents in my area. I encourage you ask your local law enforcement for links relevant to your market.

This talk with Sgt. Woodard covers everything from personal safety devices to safety procedures and more. Stay safe out there!

Episode 54 – Parallel Universe with Amanda Rammel

In this installment of Parallel Universe, I get to speak with chiropractor, Amanda Rammel, about her practice, education and the challenges and benefits of being a small business owner.

Episode 53 – Post-Closing Issues

Post-closing issues are even less fun than issues that crop up during a transaction because there’s this weird murky area of who is responsible to remedy the situation and also a lack of motivation to find a resolution when a deal isn’t on the line? What ends up happening a lot of the time is the agents coming out of pocket to put out the fire.

Often times, really solid documentation of the transaction can save the day. Other times it does take a lot of work to get the buyer or seller to make things right and probably having a broker involved to help ensure things are handled properly.

Professional communication is huge in this business and keeping things level, objective and concise goes a long way to reach a positive resolution. Make sure your communication filter is firmly in place before advising the other agent there’s an issue after close of escrow. Don’t shoot a potential resolution in the foot by playing the Blame Game or making accusations and unreasonable remands right off the bat.

Send me your favorite post-closing issue story so I can share your learning experience on the show!

Episode 52 – Progressive Retail Centers with Doug Wiele

Doug Wiele, founder of Foothill Partners, takes a unique approach to retail developments. Gone are the strip malls and instead, welcome in the idea of Centers of Community. I love Doug’s approach and hope to see more of this method throughout the country. I think they make any given city or town much more interesting to live in and visit.

Episode 51 – YIMBY and Regenesis Reno with Gordon Gossage

YIMBY (Yes in My Back Yard) is a movement aimed at solving the housing crisis that plagues growing metropolitan areas. As a movement, the focus is on in-fill projects of 2-49 units. Development like that would be a huge boon to the Greater Reno Area, and I’m sure is needed throughout the country.

Gordon Gossage founded Regenesis Reno, which is another facet to urban growth, which looks to create a regenerative culture within the 5 counties of the Reno/Sparks area. I will definitely keep an eye on this group to see what they are able to create in the coming years.

Episode 50 – DI&BGYD Goes off the Rails!

Happy 50th episode y’all! I’m psyched to have reached this awesome podcasting milestone. Thank you to all you listeners, my sponsors and to my producer, Chris Webster, for making 50 episodes possible.

My goal for the next 50 episodes is to connect with more listeners and get your questions and topics on the show. Don’t be shy, reach out!

This week’s episode, in celebration of being number 50, goes way off the rails, just for fun. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled real estate and business programming next week.

Episode 49 – Summer Client Outreach

Quickie check-in to remind you to love on your database this summer. If you haven’t yet done an event, pop-by visits or even a small gathering or one-on-one coffee/lunch dates, get something together ASAP. Connecting with your database regularly and authentically, is the best way to generate repeat and referral business that keeps on giving for years to come.

Episode 48 – Parallel Universe – Caren Roblin

Even a real estate professional can relate to the owner of a small business in another industry and gain valuable insights and tips into how to tweak and improve their own business practice by getting an outside perspective.

To that end, I’m bringing you an occasional episode theme where I’ll talk to a small business owner outside real estate and see how our parallel worlds can benefit the other.

First up: Caren Roblin, owner of Kaia FIT Sierra, a women-only fitness company.

Episode 47 – Presentation Skillz with Idora Silver

As a small business owner, you might not think of yourself as a speaker but indeed, in fact you are. Having polished speaking and presentation skills are critical in life and especially in business world when we’re always making impressions on the people we meet and those folks could become clients.

Also, when you’re competing for a listing, how you present yourself and your information could make or break a potential client’s decision of whom to work with.

I love this chat with speaking expert Idora Silver. I hope you do too!

Episode 46 – Urban Development Series (part 3) – City Government featuring, City Councilwoman, Naomi Duerr

To wrap up the series about urban development, I wanted to bring in the perspective of local government, since it is so critical to the life or death of a project. I spoke with City Councilwoman, Naomi Duerr, on all things urban development: what gets in the way, what the city is excited to bring to fruition, and everything in between.

In the end, I’m so excited for what my city has been bringing to the community over the last 10 years and I look forward to the next 10. What is your city up to? Reach out to me and let me know. I’d love to share your feedback and stories on the show.

Episode 45 – Urban Development Series (part 2) – Developer Perspective featuring, Kyle Rea of Tolles Development Company

The next stop on this exploration of urban development is with the people that actually make the projects come to life; the developers. I spoke with Kyle Rea of Tolles Development Company and he offered his insights into the developer perspective and what can help or hinder infill projects.

Turns out Kyle is also an amazing singer! Who knew? I love multi-talented guests.

Episode 44 – Urban Development Series (part 1) – Architect, Erik Fong

I am intrigued by urban development and rehabilitation of old spaces. I’m bringing you a three-part series on the subject to explore what it takes to make urban projects happen and ways to engage in sustainable development.

In this first part, I sat down with architect Erik Fong, of MBA Architecture a+ Interior Design, to talk about the creative and innovative side of urban development.

Episode 43 – Mid-Year Economic Update with Bob Barone

In episode 10, economist, Bob Barone, mentioned signs of a looming recession that could come in 2019. I brought Bob back into the studio to do a health check on the economy and to see if those same signs of a recession out there, looming over the US economy like the monster at the end of Season Two of Stranger Things. Scary.

Episode 42 – Technology in Real Estate

There’s been a lot of chatter about advances in technology being poised to take over the real estate industry and render all real estate licensees out of a job. We’ve also seen innovative changes in technology that make our jobs more efficient, while we still have a job 😉

I chatted with Bill Nelson, tech god that he is, about all this fun stuff, to get a sense of what’s real and what’s hype.

Episode 41 – Working with Your Spouse

Long-time listeners of the show know that I work with my dad, which is fun and frustrating. Not unusual. I am curious about spouses who work together and what it’s like to work with someone all day and then go home together. Do they only ever talk about work?

I sat down with two power couples (Sam Olson & Bill Nelson and Amy & Brian Lessinger) to get the deets on their working relationships.

Episode 40 – Interview with Tony Iacoviello from RE/MAX Canada

Tony made his first appearance on the show back in Episode 35, when we explained the critical difference between nerds and geeks. Now Tony is back to talk about real estate in Canada and how the national legalization of marijuana is affecting the real estate industry. Please, no “eh” jokes.

Episode 39 – Beef with iBuyers

In an April 2019 article in The Week, new technology was highlighted that’s supposed to create a “one-stop shop for a buyer’s real estate needs,” and takes issue with closing costs and agent fees.  In the end, these programs are just flippers in disguise and aren’t there to truly support the consumer. It’s just a way for the company to make a buck buying homes for cheap and turning them around for a profit.

I have so many thoughts on this article. Check out the episode post on the show’s Facebook page to read it.

Episode 38 – Team Series (part 3) – Business Planning, Budgeting, Bonuses, Hiring/Firing

Here is the final installment of the Team Series. I spoke with Rod Jorgensen, business consultant with the UNR Small Business Development Center, about what an entrepreneur needs to consider when starting a venture. Although real estate doesn’t have a grease interceptor to gum up the budget, new licensees often stumble over the startup costs and ongoing overhead they will encounter when getting into the business.

Save yourself the pain of financial stress or the risk of failing within the first year, by budgeting conservatively upfront and remember that includes your personal budget too.

I also review tips on bonusing employees/team members as well as hiring and firing.

Episode 37 – Team Series (part 2) – MIBBE

Creating and committing to a foundational ideology is a critical component of creating a successful team and business. Knowing what you stand for and what defines your brand will help you better articulate your value and stand above the crowd.

I challenge you to take time this week to get clear on your mission, inspiration, brand, beliefs and expectations. This will also come in handy when you’re hiring new teammates. If the new recruit doesn’t align with your beliefs and expectations, get them off the bus ASAP. When you find someone who does gel with what you’ve created, hold onto them!

What have you discovered about yourself by going through the exercises?

Episode 36 – Team Series (part 1) – Choosing a Business Entity

This episode kicks off a series about creating a successful real estate team, whether that’s from scratch or making adjustments to an existing structure. One of the first things to consider as a business owner is the business entity you choose.

Both of legal and tax implications and all too often, folks make a decision without understanding the whole picture and how their selection may have tax or legal pitfalls, depending on their situation.

In this conversation with attorney, Courtney Forster, and CPA, Reid Riker, we have that discussion openly and get perspectives from both sides. When you’re making this decision for yourself, consider having the meeting with your legal counsel and tax professional at the same table, so everyone is on the same page and confident they are giving you the best advice for your situation. Don’t let things get lost in translation!

Make sure you don’t pierce the corporate veil! Be sure to check out this article by Courtney on the subject:

Episode 35 – Corporate Social Responsibility

The business world is seeing more and more companies emphasize the good they do in the world, sometimes to offset the bad they know they do. Take Coca-Cola for instance, their manufacturing process uses a ton of water, so they have a environmental research arm aimed at preserving water quality, protecting wetlands and making their processes more efficient.

At the RE/MAX convention back in February, I was able to speak with folks from CMN about RE/MAX’s philanthropic efforts and the impact on child across the country, who receive treatment from Children’s Miracle Network Children’s Hospitals.

It’s becoming more mainstream that consumers want to support businesses who care about making the world a better place, not just making more money. If a company has a negative brand that’s associated with unsavory activities, consumers will direct their dollars elsewhere.

This applies to small business owners too. What does corporate social responsibility look like for you?

Episode 34 – VAREP – Christopher Cunningham

Back in episode 21, I brought up the topic of specialty associations that empower, educate and support a select group. This week I sat down with VAREP Northern Nevada Vice President, Christopher Cunningham, to learn about what VAREP does to support the veteran population in the U.S.

Do you want to share your specialty association with other listeners? Drop me a line at I’d love to have you on the show.

Episode 33 – 1031 Exchanges – Kandas Myer

1031 exchanges are a fascinating and underutilized IRS tool to defer capital gains taxes on the sale of investment property. I chat with 1031 exchange intermediary, Kandas Myer, to explore the wild world of IRS tax code 1031.

Episode 32 – Interview with Garrett Matthews, Regional VP with RE/MAX, LLC

I’m grateful to have a mucky-muck from RE/MAX, LLC Headquarters on the show! Garrett and I had a great conversation and illuminated the complexities of the RE/MAX organization and what it takes to bring outstanding tools, training and talent to the agents of the network. I also learn what it’s like to be a semi-competitive surfer. Dude!

Episode 31 – Managing Head Trash

We all have a negative little voice in our heads that tells us the worst things about ourselves and the world. That voice is the worst, never listen to it, it wants your life to be small. Easier said than done you say? Well, check out this conversation where Co-Active coach, Kimberley Elliott, gives actionable info on how to keep your head trash at bay. What could you accomplish if you only had a cheerleader in your head, instead of a saboteur?

Episode 30 – Marijuana in Real Estate

Marijuana was recently legalized in Nevada, for recreational use, and it is impacting real estate. We’re especially seeing it in the world of rentals and property management, but this new territory is tricky to navigate. In this conversation, I get a broker and attorney perspective on this new hazy world.

Episode 29 – An Interview with my dad, David Morris

My dad turns 70 this week, so I wanted to take the time to sit down with him in the studio and have him share his beginnings in real estate, plus other fun stuff that most people don’t get to hear.

I’m grateful my dad is my mentor and this is a little tribute, not only to him, but to all the family businesses and impactful mentors out there.

Happy birthday Dad!!

Episode 28 – Mini Internship – part 2

Here is the last part of the mini internship adventure. In this episode I speak with seasoned loan officer, Patrick Winchell, about the lender world and what it takes to get buyers pre-approved and loan closed for you clients.

Make sure you’re respecting and honoring the hard work all the professionals working your deals put forth every day for you and your clients. Also be sure to return the favor.

Episode 27 – Mini Internship – part 1

It takes a team to put and keep a real estate deal together, which extends well beyond just the agent and their support team. Escrow officers, although a neutral third party, play an enormous role in a transaction flowing smoothly and closing successfully.

I bow to escrow officers everywhere as they have the most detail oriented job and they have to communicate with every single person involved in the deal, in addition to managing a ton of moving parts. Not only that, but they are closing more deals in a day, than you might in a month. Their workload is bananas.

In this first part of a two-part series, I interview senior escrow officer, Suzanne Silverman, and veteran title officer, Lisa Quilici, both of First Centennial Title, about what their world of title and escrow is like. Hopefully getting some insight into what they deal with and the issues they help resolve, can give you a better appreciation for what they do every day and create a better working relationship on your future deals.

Episode 26 – RE/MAX International Convention (R4)

The convention in Las Vegas was phenomenal, as per usual. The key note speakers were on point and very motivational and actionable. There were a ton of breakout sessions and I had some fantastic takeaways from the instructors.

This was my first time recording on location at an event. I’m so grateful to everyone who took the time to talk to me and share their thoughts and insights. I wish you all the very best and look forward to seeing you next year.

Keep your ears peeled for an upcoming episode about Corporate Social Responsibility that has more conversations with folks I met at R4.

Episode 25 – Things I’ve Heard in a Continuing Education Class

Continuing Education classes can be a great tool to get gems that help you do business better and they can also have landmines of comments that have you slam on the brakes and raise an eyebrow. Either way, there’s something to be learned. What are CE classes like for you?

Episode 24 – Spring Client Outreach

It’s that time again! What do you have planned to reach out to your clients this spring?  I’m looking forward to sending out our seeded cards for Earth Day. Shout out to Agent Operations for their fantastic real estate marketing services. They make Facebook management, listing package design and so much more, really easy.

Episode 23 – The Economic Impact of Natural Disasters

The back-to-back natural disasters that have hit the US over the last 10 years got me thinking about the billions of dollars of insurance claims being paid out and what the impact on that is both on the insurance industry but also the economic impact on municipalities. I chat with economist and AAA board member, Bob Barone to find out.

Episode 22 – Office Space!

This is not a recap of the hilarious 1999 movie. This is a deep dive into how to optimize your work space. If your office is the cockpit from which you fly your business to success, it better work efficiently and effectively for you, or else Maverick is going down.

Episode 21 – NAGLREP

Sam Olson, of RE/MAX Realty Affiliates, serves on the Leadership Advisory Committee of NAGLREP Northern Nevada, for the National Association of Gay & Lesbian Real Estate Professionals, which is a non-profit organization seeking to enhance fair and equal housing for the the LGBTQ community.

In this conversation we talk about the value of associations that focus on a specific group and how they work to enhance protections and access to homeownership for them, and also how they can add value to the real estate professionals serving that community.

If you have questions for Sam, or want get more involved in NAGLREP, he can be reached at 775-787-3629 or

Episode 20 – Risk Reduction

I sat down with attorney, Courtney Forster of Gunderson Law Firm, to tackle common pitfalls in the real estate industry that get agents into trouble. The short version: communicate! Oh, and write intelligible contract language. That always helps.

Episode 19 – Productivity Challenge (week 4) – Face Time!

OK folks, we made it! This week it’s time to get up close and personal with your sphere, database and current clients. Schedule as many in-person appointments as you can and not just meetings but coffee dates, lunch, even dinner or drinks.

Take this time to really connect with your people to build and strengthen your client relationships.

Episode 18 – Productivity Challenge (week 3) – Kick It Old School

This week it’s time to hop into the Wayback Machine and send out five handwritten notes a day, every day this week, to your sphere, current clients and/or leads. The goal is to touch five new people a day. Sending a card to someone you called last week is extra credit!

Episode 17 – Productivity Challenge (week 2) – Conquering the Phone

This week your challenge is to call 5 people a day, every day, from your sphere, database and/or current clients. Listen to the episode for a list of reasons to call your database, if you’re having any hesitation about picking up the phone. Often times when we have a reason to call, it makes things a lot easier and organic.

Post a photo of yourself making calls on my Facebook page with #teleboss. Can’t wait to see you in action!

Episode 16 – Productivity Challenge (week 1) – Laying the Foundation

January is Challenge Month! Use the challenges each week to create, or recommit to, good habits that build your business and keep you on the path to success. It’s always about the basics and sticking to them. This week is an opportunity to get your schedule and foundation fine tuned to support your dollar-productive activities.

Once you have a structure in place that works for you, stick to it all year to ensure you’re always focused on what brings you business.

Episode 15 – Picking a Theme for 2019

Instead of making a New Year’s resolution (who keeps thoughts anyway?), try picking a theme for the year. The idea is to have an overarching theme to align yourself and your actions with all year, in place of trying to stick with one goal or idea (i.e. ‘healthy choices’ verses lose 10 pounds).

My theme for 2019 is ‘action’. I’m going to make a little sign to keep in front of me as a reminder to take action, be in action, generally stay moving throughout the year and act on opportunities when they arise. Even if a hit a slump, it’s a reminder to do something, however small.

Episode 14 – Christmas Eve Stories and More

My big sister joined me in the studio to share some of our favorite holiday memories, great movie recommendations, listener stories and more. Get your bingo cards here: Hallmark Holiday Movie Bingo! Wishing you a very merry Christmas!

Episode 13 – Goal Setting and Strategic Planning

In this conversation with Amy Lessinger, broker/owner of RE/MAX Realty Affiliates, we cover a lot of juicy stuff on the topic of setting goals and creating a strategic plan for hitting those goals. This is coming at you in time to chew on time and leverage the info in your own planning for 2019 to make it a fantastic year.

Amy recommended a book and app in our conversation: Dave Ramey’s “Total Money Makeover” and Alarmed.

Episode 12 – Job v. Business

Do you have a job or a business? Take some time to think about your current business model and if that is setting you up for success to achieve your long-term business goals. Also, make sure you have structures, systems and people in place to keep you at your highest and best use, or activity most enjoyed.

Episode 11 – 2018 Recap

I chatted with Charlene Sigala (aka my mom) from Coldwell Residential Brokerage, in Tucscon, AZ, and Dan Ridley from Your Town Realty in Pittsburgh, PA to get their recap of 2018 in real estate. We also talk about what trends we see forming now that may carry into 2019.

How was your 2019? Reach out here on the website, Facebook or send me an email at

Episode 10 – Economic Outlook for 2019

Bob Barone has an impressive resume and I am so grateful he took the time to chat with me about the economy and what may be coming down the pike in 2019. We’ve already seen the changes in the real estate market and that same correction may have larger implications for the overall economy.

Episode 9 – Taxes!

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 brought a lot of changes to both homeowners and real estate professionals. In this conversation with CPA, Reid Riker, we go through the major points to be aware of so you and your clients can be properly prepared to roll with the new IRS changes. Plus, Reid is a huge Star Trek fan and the most outgoing CPA ever. Reid Ricker:, 775-825-6008.

Episode 8 – Real Estate Abroad

Elizabeth Watson is an experienced agent from Nevada who ended up relocating to Amsterdam when her husband received a job offer he couldn’t refuse. In this episode, we talk about what it’s like to move to another country, navigate the real estate industry and create a new business from scratch; all while not speaking the native language. If you’d like to reach out to Elizabeth she can be reached via email at:

Episode 7 – Coaching

Kimberley Elliot is a leadership coach with 15 years of experience in the field. Our conversation goes beyond typical business/real estate coaching and into the transformative capabilities of Co-Active Coaching. To contact Kimberley for more info:, 916-340-4151.

Episode 6 – Managing Conflict

We all deal with conflict in business and in life. To be more successful in both arenas, you’re better off to figure out how to manage conflict successfully and professionally. No points for being a bully to get your way or to shut down the other side. Lots of points for being direct, considerate and communicative.

Episode 5 – Fall Client Outreach

It’s time to get out there and connect/reconnect with your clients, thank them for their business and ask for referrals. In this episode I share a bunch of ideas to inspire you and get you in gear.

Remember to use #gladforfall when posting on Facebook with your holiday videos and messages. I love to see what you’re up to!

Episode 4 – Work-Life Balance

How do you manage work-life harmony in a 24/7 industry? It’s so important to ensure you’re always on top of your game. Letting off steam and getting away should be a priority, so you can be your best.

Episode 3 – How to Pick a Broker

Not all brokers are the same. Are you aligned with one that not only supports your business goals but has the tools, training and direct coaching to help you achieve those goals?

Episode 2 – Be Deal Putter Togetherer

Have you ever dealt with an agent who really didn’t seem to have the gusto or interest in putting a deal together and just let things die? Have you been that agent? In this episode we talk about what it means to be a “deal putter togetherer” and how to deal with someone who’s not being one.

Episode 1 – Silver Bullets

In this episode I talk about the realities of lead generation services; what you should look out for when considering buying into a system and what you’re still on the hook for no matter what when it comes to lead generation.

Episode 0 – The Origin Story:

Here’s where you get to know a little bit about me, why I started the show and what it’s about.