Latest Shenanigans

In the great tradition of the former host of The House Detective, Dave Newman, I was inspired for their 1200th episode to write a poem dedicated to the current host, Greg Newman (yes they are related).

Since then I’ve taken to adding some level of spice or comedy to the show. Whenever my shenanigans don’t get edited out, I’ll be sure to post them here.

I think Dave would be proud.

Santa’s Little Real Estate Helper:

They cut my chicken joke! It was so good!

What do you call a chicken that crosses the road, rolls in the dirt, and then crosses back to the other side?….

… a dirty double crosser!

Super fun episode filmed in the Loka Tile Mobile Showroom. A) the mobile showroom was boss, B) filming in a moving vehicle with no AC is in loud and hot, C) filing ‘on location’ was an awesome adventure.

I have officially had my first podcast experience, as a guest, and it was awesome! Justin Hertz  (fellow local Realtor) started a show where he interviews people who are passionate about something. We had a great chat on his show, Just Hertz So Good (love the title).

Hooray for having enough time to share another gem of a clean joke:

This sweater may have to make an appearance on the 2018 holiday episode of the House Detective…


Pre-Thanksgiving Episode of the House Detective:

We didn’t have time for my joke, but figured I’d share it here for your holiday enjoyment: What is a turkey’s favorite dessert?
Peach gobbler!
For this episode of The House Detective, I was on the panel with Dave Newman (second generation host) and I was able to give him a birthday shout-out. Woot!

March 30, 2019 Episode of the House Detective – replete with season humor, which they had to cut. ARGH!

Here’s the joke: Does February like March? No, but April May. HA!

Here’s the June 8th, 2019 episode of The House Detective:

Hooray! Greg kept my congratulatory shoutout to all the 2019 spring graduates! Wishing all graduates the very best in their future endeavors.

August 24th, 2019 episode of The House Detective. We were able to put our quips at the top of the show!

Back on The House Detective for a pre-Halloween episode. Greg told an epic dad joke during a commercial break. I extra love that he made it up himself. A true hero.

I get to be on the House Detective in back-to-back weeks! Here I am on January 11, 2020. I had a blast and even behaved myself. Sort of.

Back in action at the House Detective! (October 3, 2020) What a crazy hiatus. So glad to be back on the show.