My Origin Story

It was a dark night and I was walking through an alley with my parents after a night at the theater and then they were shot and my mother’s pearls went flying everywhere and….oh wait, that’s someone else.

Growing up a committed omnivore in a foodie household I rolled my eyes at vegans. They seemed so pretentious and obnoxious. During culinary school I had to take a course called “contemporary cuisine,” which was all about vegan and vegetarian cooking. Given that I was in a learning environment I was all for trying out this wacky vegan business. I was shocked that on vegan day, almost half the class was absent. Coincidence, I think not. Anyhoo, I was pleasantly surprised at the dishes we made were so tasty! I think that was the silent catalyst.

After living in Portland, Oregon, the land of vegans and hipsters, I was exposed to lots of delicious vegan baked goods (shout out Laughing Planet), which opened my eyes to how tasty vegan desserts could be.

Skip ahead to the part where I moved back to my hometown to work for my dad, after saying as a kid I’d never move back to my hometown or work for my dad, and I was sucked back into the on again off again bizarro diets of my stepmother. At some point she was on a veggie kick and then kept bumping into vegetarian and vegan info all over the place.

Everything came to a head when I found a book that really spoke to me about a vegan lifestyle, The Kind Diet. It was the first time I ever truly considered giving a plant-based lifestyle a try. The early days were rough and full of processed foods, not to mention the week stretch where I almost exclusively ate desserts. But it was vegan!

With a lot more experience under my belt I’ve been able to hone in a bevvy of bomb-ass recipes, including hearty breakfasts, which one would assume you’d lose when you ditch eggs and bacon. Y’all there’s more to be had at the breakfast table.

In the essence of full disclosure, I still find myself as a social omnivore, although I do not eat the flesh of four-legged mammals. Our household is vegan though, and that works for me.

P.S. Yes, that is a photo of Xena Warrior Princess. She’s my spirit guide.