About Me

Born and raised in the Biggest Little City, after graduation from high school I vowed to never return to my hometown or work for my dad. Well, never say never.

I did both back in 2008, and boy was that a great time to get into real estate! The market started its infamous drop that year and wouldn’t end up recovering until about 2012/2013.

After graduation from the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) and then going to culinary school in San Francisco (yes, you can come over for dinner), I came back to a city that had a lot of urban development going on. The hipsters had come to Reno! New restaurants and bars were opening up in a mysterious new land called “Midtown”. Craft cocktails and locally sourced ingredients were all the rage.

Coming from a foodie family, this was a super big deal for me. Going out to eat was a lot more fun than it used to be.

I took advantage of all kinds of adventures. I entered the Businessmen’s Steer Decorating Competition at the rodeo that year with my best friend and broke rodeo records and have the sterling silver money clip to prove it. Go us!

I also went to school with my dad to get my motorcycle endorsement on my driver’s license, just because. My dad went and bought a motorcycle after and I was just happy to know how to ride the darn thing.

For having been raised in Reno, I still didn’t really know where anything was now that the city had grown so much and the cool places to hang out were located in parts of town one never used to want to go to, especially at night.

Real estate made me get real comfy with Google maps real fast. Because of my job, I have gotten to know my city incredibly well and my ability to navigate around town and find alternate routes to most places boggles my husband’s mind all the time.

I also had to learn real estate trial by fire style. My dad is my boss, mentor and partner. He has 40 years of experience in the real estate game and I am super grateful to have learned from him.

Since moving back and starting a career in real estate I have learned and experienced so much. There is never a dull moment and no two deals are ever the same. It’s certainly not a profession for the faint of heart.

I keep things fun by the virtue of being me. Check out the Latest Shenanigans page for some examples.

My newest venture is podcasting. I’ve decided to take the combined knowledge and experience of myself and my dad and share it with others to help them elevate their game in their real estate business. The show is called Do It and Be Glad You Did. Each episode gives you actionable info and teachable moments to leverage every day.

Episodes drop every Monday and are available on iTunes, SoundCloud and more. Subscribe to never miss an episode.

My new newest venture is writing.  I wrote a book y’all! It’ll be available for purchase this fall. Woot!