There’s nothing more frustrating or limiting that feeling like you are NO options when it comes to dining out. Well pull your head out of your butt and take a look around at all the awesome dining options available to you!

I’m in glorious Reno, Nevada and our food culture has grown by leaps and bounds since I was a kid. I’m happy to say we have a lot of great restaurants that offer tasty vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Send me your favorite vegetarian/vegan restaurant! I’d love to see this list to grow with restaurant suggestions from around the country and the world.

Bangkok Cuisine: 55 Mt Rose Street

I’m a sucker for their stir-fried eggplant with tofu and brown rice. I swear this place as the most amazing brown rice in the known universe.

If you’re lacto-ovo, try their Thai iced tea. Yum!

The servers are also great. If you order the pud-thai with no tofu and no egg, they will also ask you if fish sauce is OK. How great is that?!

India Kabab & Curry: 1091 S Virginia Street

I love that a bunch of their creamy curries are made with coconut milk. It’s so easy to order there.

They also have little soy based “meatballs” available, which add another fun thing you can order when dining with omnis.

Their naan is bomb.

Laughing Planet: 650 Tahoe Street

This is an awesome restaurant from Portland, OR that made the trek down to Reno. I loved Laughing Planet when I lived in Portland, for their double chocolate chip cookies. I wasn’t vegan at that time and I was impressed by how delicious the cookies were. Needless to say, I was super happy when they came to town and I had my cookies back!

All their dishes can be made vegan, so I say just go for it. They always have specials and fresh juices to choose from each week.

This is a place that’s easy to bring kids to. The big plastic dinosaurs on all the tables are a wonderful distraction for little hands while you’re waiting for your food.

BJ’s Brewhouse: 13999 S Virginia Street

OK, ok, ok, I know this is a big chain, but hear me out. They have a bunch of awesome vegetarian offerings and things that are easy to tweak and make vegetarian.

I tried out their cauliflower pita tacos and honey-sriracha roasted Brussels sprouts recently, and holy cow were they good.

I appreciate any major chain that offers more than a garden salad with vinaigrette to its customers. I think it makes vegetarian food more mainstream and acceptable to the masses.

Z Pizza: 3600 Warren Way

This is the only place in town with good vegan pizza.

Order the Berkeley Vegan with extra sausage. It’s very pizza-y and totally scratches that itch.

They use Daiya for the cheese and Field Roast for the sausage.

We usually call ahead to make sure they have all the fixings first, just in case they are out of the sausage or something. My hubbie is very particular about his pizza and fully won’t order it, or at least not enjoy it, if they are out of the sausage. Pizza is serious business my friends.

Fire Sign Cafe: 1785 W Lake Blvd, Tahoe City, CA 96145

This was a surprise find up at Tahoe. They actually offer a tasty veggie burger and they have a tofu scramble on their specials board for breakfast.

The drive ain’t to shabby either and it’s fun up there any time of year.

Special bonus for making the trip: picking up a lottery ticket in Truckee on the way home.

Great Full Gardens: 555 S Virginia Street and 748 Sout Meadows Pkwy

The original location in Midtown seemed to be an overnight success. I swear it’s always packed and attracts a specific crowd. The owners are super nice and very focused on positive intentions and sending out good vibes. Their to-go containers all have nice messages written on the tops and their water bottles all come in the various shakra colors.

They have a bunch of vegan food and their meat is all “responsibly” produced.

The Aztec coffee is amazing and puts all pumpkin spice lattes to shame. The pumpkin chocolate chip cookie is a winter favorite of mine. They always warm it up too, so the chips are all gooey and yummy.

The fancy new student union at UNR also has a little location: 1664 N Virginia Joe Crowley Student Union

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