Convenience Foods to Save the Day

Especially when you’re just starting out in your foray into a plant-based diet, it can be tough to cut the cord on meat (umbilical cord? gross) and other animal-based foods you’re used to.

Over the years I’ve tried out nearly every meat and cheese alternative on the market. Some are disgusting and some are quite tasty. Here’s a little guide to help you get started…

Field Roast Brand

  • Celebration Roast
  • Hazelnut Cranberry Roast En Croute (my fav for the holidays)
  • Sausages
  • Breakfast sausages
  • Chao Slices (sliced cheese alternative, I think “creamy original” is the best, but it does come in “tomato cayenne” and “coconut herb” as well)

Reminder – stay away from seitan if you have a wheat allergy. Seitan is made from wheat protein.

All products by Hampton Creek, especially the Just Mayo line (regular,sriracha, chipotle, ranch, variety pack, truffle, garlic)

Ice Cream

  • Mr. Dewey’s
  • So Delicious – Cashew Milk
  • Steve’s – limited vegan variety but the coffee flavor is bomb

Chicken Strips – Gardein

Earth Balance Brand

BTW, Oreos are vegan – BOOM

Light Life Brand

  • Gimme Lean – breakfast sausage

Tofurky Brand

  • Deli Slices
  • Sausages

Arbonne  – protein shake items

Arbonne – sport line

Arbonne – snacks/travel

Lots of other options:

A balanced protein shake is a fast and easy breakfast, snack or meal in general. It’s nice to get everything you need crammed into one cup. Plus, it sets you up to have a nutritionally successful day.

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