For those who are veteran veg-heads or who might be┬ájust a little veg-curious, I’m here to help make a life full of vegetables way easier and tastier. Dare I say sexier?

This is your one-stop shop for information, help and recipes all focused on a plant-based lifestyle. That being said, I do have a little shout-out for those who can incorporate responsibly sourced eggs (like my friend Raymond who has chickens in his backyard) or “responsibly sourced” meat (like the expensive stuff at Whole Foods with the highest animal treatment rating).

Personally, four-legged critters are a hard limit for me, so you won’t be seeing any recipes using: steer, pigs, lambs/sheep, or goats. You’re safe my friends!

If you have a questions about going vegan, trying on a plant-based diet or just adding more things that grow out of the ground to your plate, I got you!